Remove Red Wine Stains From Your Carpet by Professional Plans

 Vacuum Cleaner With Carpet

Well, you had a great bash in your home and prepared to have a sip of red wine right after you go to bed.

Well, you poured it in the right manner, but your hands shook a bit when you were going to make  your move to drink it up.

Well, you know the result. A bit of it found its place into the carpet and made a large stain, which is both unsightly and unhealthy.

 So, the best thing that you can do in such a situation is to remove it…

 …but in the DIY way of course!

Well, it is time for you to make your move. Call in the professional cleaning services in Wollongong and make sure you do that early. Prolonged red wine stain is definitely removable by carpet stain experts but it may involve a bit of extra costs.

  • Professionals Inspect at First

They don’t experiment. They will make sure how the stain happened. They will inspect if the stain has been contaminated further or not. In the conclusion of such a systematic analysis, they would offer their verdict.

  • Let’s Start Spongingto Blot

You need to sponge and blot the stain too. According to professional cleaners, you have got to make sure the excess red wine is blotted away when water is applied over the stain. Experts use multi-purpose sponges to blot the extra stain away. But, here is where you may miss out something.

People use hot water solution. It is one of the ‘super wrong’ things. In this way, the carpet fibres get disrupted. The best idea what you can do  (what the experts say) to use cold water.

  • Using Cold Water

 You may not know the ways to use a product. Plus, do you know what the correct product is? Well, professional staffs from carpet cleaning in Wollongong make sure the correct product is used. This ensures your carpet stays in good shape materially.

Some More Words

 In terms you want to make the right change in cleaning the carpet, then try to invest on professionals. Try not to make a dog’s breakfast all by yourself (no offence). Search for a reputed cleaning brand.…and make that red wine stain go away for good.


5 Tips to Help You in Preparing for the End of Lease Cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning (1)

Have you just completed your lease period? Moving to a new house? The property owner will expect you to move after leaving their place as it was before on your first visit. Hence, owners generally ask to sign a bond, according to which you need to clean a property and until then the bond money will be kept to them. As soon as you vacate your property with cleaning and maintenance services in Wollongong, you get the caution money back. But, how would you get prepared for the move and cleaning?

Well, before you ask professionals to involve, here are 5 tips to prepare yourself.

1. Move Away the Junk from Your House: When the “junk removal” before cleaning comes to your mind, it should not be only removing the waste material but also the ones, which are not in use anymore. It could be old clothes, healthcare products, electrical appliances, furniture, etc. These all not just create clutters, but also cause extra load. So, either you dump them, sell them or distribute them to the needy.

2. Make a Cleaning List: Before allowing budget end of lease cleaning professionals in Wollongong to take the charge, make sure you have enlisted the areas that need your attention. By following the list, you can ensure the cleaning task is going systematically and ensure that each corner of your house is covered that need your attention. This in turn help you to come up with a valid report to show to your landlord and claim for the bond money. It will also be possible to compare the belongings to the landlord and show whether they are in good condition while leaving the house. So, pay a special attention to-

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Living rooms
  • Balcony
  • garage

3. Make Sure All the Cleaning Staffs Are Reliable: Few landlords are quite choosy about the details. Hence, they may create the trouble for you when returning the bond money. So, when you hire people having years of experience, they can ensure the fact that your house would be clutter free before cleaning. Even, you could consult with the neighbours, who could help you to sort out a list of reliable companies.

4. Prepare Your Schedule: Prepare a schedule of how much work you need by professionals to involve in each cleaning aspect. Sometimes, having no idea of how much cleaning you require may leave you with not enough time to finish the job. For example, 2-4 hours to clean a studio apartment or 4-6 hours to clean 3 bedroom apartment etc. are some facts to decide the time frame you require to appoint the cleaners.

5. Paint Your Property Before Cleaning: It is another crucial aspect that needs your attention is spackle and paint. It helps in filling the holes once made in building walls. Even, water spots or ink stain can also be removed by applying the wall paints.

Whereas it’s your responsibility to carry out the entire cleaning process, it is not possible to undertake the entire cleaning task alone, professionals can help you in better way possible.

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The 5 Major Areas That Find The Need For Strata Cleaning

Strata Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning strata (commercial or residential), it isn’t next to impossible to undertake all of the aspects single-handedly. Making it a DIY task is something that is perfect for small areas, but when it concerns multiple storeyed buildings, things can go out of hand. It is only then where professionals representing cleaning companies in Wollongong come to the rescue.

While cleaning the indoors as well as outdoors, they have the designated areas but when it comes to the strata, it is the area that is commonly used by all the occupants and keeping it clean is a duty in itself. When the cleaners take up the task, here is what they undertake.

The lobby area

lobby area cleaning
When it comes to buildings with multiple stories, the lobby area or the hallway is what receives the most foot traffic as everyone entering the building has to walk past it. If there are carpets laid on the floor, the frequency of cleaning should be reduced to once a month. If there are no carpets, the floors should be cleaned on a daily basis especially when there is a lot of dirt n dust that comes along with foot traffic. Sanitising the furniture, door handles and knobs and other commonly touched areas receive attention as well.

The stairs

stairs cleaning
If it is a high-rise, the stairs aren’t used as much by the occupants, and it is often the elevator that comes to use. Now whether it is a high-rise or a small building, the staircase often serves as the pathway to reach the desired floor and keeping that clean is something mandatory. Food and liquid spillage can lead to staining, mould growth and not to forget accidents where people may slip and fall. The experts for strata cleaning in Wollongong are known to ensure that the stairs are kept clean whether people use it or not.

The elevator

elevator cleaning
This is a commodity that makes it easy to reach the desired floor in no time and that too effortlessly. While it can accommodate numerous people at once and being an enclosed area, it is highly prone to contamination. People with a cold or probably with an infectious disease may make use of the buttons or probably the handrails, and that is likely to contaminate the rest when not cleaned frequently. Most cleaning companies are known to perform elevator cleaning tasks almost every day especially when it is something that used frequently.

The driveway or the patio

While the lobby is the most used area in a building, the driveway or probably the area where there is a lot of traffic received from vehicles. If it is a commercial area, there can be no shortage of cars, and a dirty driveway doesn’t give the right aesthetical appeal while also making it an unhygienic for those passing by. There are times when stone chips, nails, glass and similar sharp objects come along with cars and the tyres. While all these being present on the floor area, it can lead to damage to other cars and their tyres as well. This is where cleaners come to the rescue where it is not just the indoors that they pay attention to.  

3 Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Office Squeaky Clean

On an average you are probably spending 45 hours a week in your office so it’s not a surprise that at the end of the week, you are looking for your cell phone and car keys under piles of paper when you should go home.

Needless to say, a clean office will make for a clear head, but who can invest the time to take care of your workload? By setting up systems and sticking to them, you will ensure that you not only work smarter but also work harder. What’s more, when you boss makes an impromptu visit to your office, they will see that you are on top of things. Obviously you wouldn’t want to leave him/her waiting while shuffle through pile of paperwork to find the one which they are looking for, right? Precisely for this reason, getting help from professional office cleaning in Wollongong has become so important these days.

Office Cleaning Wollongong

Office Cleaning Wollongong

But even if you do not get professional help, there are certain things that you can do on your own to keep you office clean.

File as you go

It’s a fact that piles of paper, whether it’s on your shelves, on your desk and eventually on the floor are one of the biggest office offenders. If you are busy, it might be tempting to stack papers to file for later, but before you know it, you’ve got a task on your hand that’s too big to handle. Precisely for this reason, it is imperative to stack papers as you go. Make sure to set up a system of file folders which are labelled and use them regularly.

Clean your electronics

Most of you eat at your desk so you can work through lunch which results in keyboards full crumbs and food spattered monitor. Sure, it might impress your boss, but the chances are that your co-workers are sniggering about the week old food stain at your desk. Fortunately, you can easily fix it by acquiring wipes that are especially made for cleaning electronic appliances. Make it a point to wipe down your monitor and keyboard on a regular basis. Not only will it keep debris and dust from accumulating but it will also keep germs at bay.

Maintenance Specialists Wollongong

Maintenance Specialists Wollongong

Assign a place for everything

If you want to maintain a clean office, it’s imperative that you assign a place for everything. If you keep everything in its rightful place and label it properly, you will easily be able to find them in a pinch. Once you make it a habit of organising everything, you won’t have to deal with de-cluttering your desk.

The best thing you can do is hire maintenance specialists in Wollongong. These professionals are trained according to industry standards and they are quite capable of keeping your office squeaky clean all year round.